Joyroom fast charging USB-C to Lightning 1,2 m

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Joyroom fast charging USB - Lightning cable Power Delivery 2,4 A 20 W 1,2 m white (S-1224M3)

Are you looking for a reliable cable which can support quick charging of batteries and sending data in your Apple device? We have something that will meet expectations of all persons who use phones with iOS operating system. This is a solid Joyroom cable in a flexible and fire-resisting housing with an anti-skidding plug. Aesthetic, light, user-friendly and bendable will surely satisfy all your expectations in terms of quality and design.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Length: 1,2 m
  • Max power: 20W
  • Current: 2.4 A
  • Material: TPE

Major features:

  • Quick charging with a power of up to Power Delivery 20 W,
  • Use of thicker galvanized copper wire boosts charging, protects against damage and signal transmission delays,
  • Solid anti-skidding cable wrapping
  • Flexible materials for bending without breaking
  • High security – fire-resisting material
  • Battery charging and data sending
  • Compatible with iOS system devices

Quick charging without hazards

In the case of this cable, quick charging does not lead to overloading or overheating which would cause fire. The product is made of fire-resisting materials, is solid and safe to use. Yet its operation is much faster when compared to other cables you know!

Sending data and charging

The cable acts in two directions – it sends data between devices and allows you to charge them so that the battery gets full in no time.

Solid structure

The manufacturer has used reliable fabrics both inside and outside. TPE coating is durable and flexible, which allows easy bending without a risk of cracking or breaking. In turn inside you can find an aluminum housing and galvanized wires forming a core inside.

Anti-skidding tip

The tip of the cable is perfectly adapted to the input port in Apple devices, and is additionally secured for protection against uncontrolled sliding of the plug out of the socket. In this design every piece has been well thought and elaborated in a way that best suits the user.

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