Kingxbar Bling Pods Case Case for AirPods 3 Glitter Cover Earphone Cover Silver

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Case for AirPods 3 Kingxbar Bling Series headphones - cover, glitter case

If you love shiny accessories , choose the AirPods 3 Kingxbar Bling Series case. Thanks to the pressed-in glitter, it will reflect light beautifully - so it will attract the eye with its glow, but also with pastel color and golden construction elements . This unique case will also protect your headphones against the most common damages : scratches and cracks.

Key benefits of the Kingxbar Bling Series AirPods 3 case:

  • It will attract attention - it is distinguished by a glitter shine
  • It will effectively secure your AirPods 3 . Forget about scratches, dust and dents
  • You can put them on your headphones in just a few seconds . Installation is simple and quick

AirPods 3 bling-bling style
Flash and sparkle are your favorite words? You'll love the AirPods 3 Kingxbar Bling Series case. This distinctive series catches the eye with pastel glitter pressed into the case. The shiny casing is complemented by golden construction elements.

Protection first and foremost
No scratches, no dents, no problem! The cover for the AirPods 3 Kingxbar Bling Series headphones will ensure that the device is fully protected against the unpleasant effects of falls. This is the perfect protection for your headphones.

Easy to assemble
It takes literally a minute to put the case on the AirPods 3. Kingxbar Bling Series covers the headphones perfectly, keeping out any dust and dirt. It is also easy to disassemble.

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