Proda ELEGANT series car holder PD-CH015 black

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Elegant Proda car phone holder

Do you want to use your phone safely while driving? You need a good quality bracket attached to the ventilation grille, which will be stable and clearly visible. The device placed in it will not move and will not fall out even when driving on a bumpy road. The structure itself, even when not in use, looks very tasteful, thanks to good quality materials, neutral colors and minimalist form.


  • Brand: Proda
  • Place of installation: to the ventilation grille in the car
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 69x87.6x101.4mm

Convenient one-handed operation

Thanks to the use of gravity handles, it is possible to operate the gadget with one hand. It is an extremely convenient solution when driving a car, allowing you to put your phone down and take it out whenever you want, without taking your other hand off the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

Easy installation without tools

Due to its design and the type of handle, the gadget is attached to the ventilation grille in the car. This makes it easy to slip on and off without the need for professional tools. Fast and convenient!

A firm hold

The handle is firmly attached to the grille and does not move while driving. It holds the phone you put in it just as tightly. You can be sure that the device will not fall out while driving over bumps or unevenness.

1 Шт.


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