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Strap Moro Wristband for Xiaomi Mi Band 6 / Mi Band 5 silicone strap camo watch bracelet

Colorful bracelet for Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and 5, model in an original camo pattern. The hassle-free installation of a new band means that from now on you can change yours exactly as you wish.

An effective addition
The Strap Moro is made of soft plastic. Although it is distinguished by flexibility, you can rely on it: it does not warp or lose color, and is also a very attractive addition to your everyday outfit.

Perfect fit
The Strap Moro bracelet for the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and 5 is tailor-made. This means that it properly adheres to the device envelope, in no way inferior to typical factory solutions.

Adjustable dimension
The adjustable, traditional strap can be precisely adjusted to your needs. You don't have to worry about losing your device. Both the fastening of the band and the fastening directly to the watch are durable.

Not only decoration
The Strap Moro bracelet is made of a very strong plastic. This means that it will last for a long time and will not change its original shape or color. While it can stay with you for years, it's okay to change the pattern whenever you feel like it.

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